Adminstammtisch – 02.03.2017 – Systems and Service Monitoring with Prometheus (Julius Volz)

Ort: TU-Berlin, Gebäude MAR
Marchstraße 23
Raum: 4.064 (4. Stock, aus dem Aufzug rechts) – Achtung, nochmal ein anderer Raum!
(U2: Ernst Reuter Platz, M45 Marchstr, 245 Marchbrücke)

Zeit: 19:00
Sprache/Language: English

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Prometheus is a modern monitoring system and time series database. It
features a multi-dimensional data model with a powerful query language and
integrates many aspects of systems and service monitoring: from the
instrumentation of services over the collection and storage of metrics
data, all the way to dashboarding and alerting. Native support for various
service discovery mechanisms also make it particularly suitable for dynamic
cloud-based environments.

In this introduction, Prometheus co-creator Julius Volz explains the
architecture of Prometheus and shows its advantages over traditional
monitoring systems.