Adminstammtisch 02.08.2018 – P4: A language for defining networks (Aaron A. Glenn)

Ort: Beuth-Hochschule Berlin

Haus Bauwesen, Raum D 102 /H2
Luxemburger Straße 9, 13353 Berlin
(ÖPNV: U9 Amrumerstr. U9/U6 Leopoldplatz Bus 142 (Hauptbahnhof), Bus 221 Luxemburgerstr.)

Zeit: 19:00
Sprache/Language: Englisch

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P4 is a domain specific language designed to define and program packet forwarding planes. We’ll cover what the P4 language looks like, how it is being used today, and focus on what new features and abilities are enabled by expressing network behavior with a language like P4.