Adminstammtisch 03.03.2016 – Docker (Damien PLARD)

From a quick browsing it’s easy to figure out that docker is a dev
hype. It’s just a bunch of old technologies packaged nicely.

But also, docker can be used to test software even on complex settings
and can help to deploy tools.

I will do a short introduction of docker, the concepts, and how to build
a little setup. Then I’ll show how to start a little infra on my laptop,
how we packaged our tools to hide complexity and… work less 🙂

Presentation will be in English

Anmeldung zum Bier danach:

Ort: TU-Berlin, Gebäude MAR
Marchstraße 23
Raum 4.033 (4. Stock)

Zeit: 19:00