Adminstammtisch – 03.11.2016 – dnsdist: the high-performant, DoS and abuse-aware DNS loadbalancer

Ort: TU-Berlin, Gebäude MAR
Marchstraße 23
Raum: 4.064 (4. Stock) – Achtung, anderer Raum
(U2: Ernst Reuter Platz, M45 Marchstr, 245 Marchbrücke)

Zeit: 19:00

Language: English

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dnsdist, a project from PowerDNS, is over a year old now. It is a highly flexible
and programmable (Lua) loadbalancer for DNS that tries to deliver top performance
to legitimate users and tries to block DoS and abusive traffic. Furthermore, it
can give a view of what is going “right now” in your DNS without the need for
tcpdump/awk/sed/grep and can be a source of highly detailed metrics on the health
of your DNS platform.