Adminstammtisch – 06.10.2016 – “What is OpenStack and why does it make your life easier?”

Ort: TU-Berlin, Gebäude MAR
Marchstraße 23
Raum: 4.064 (4. Stock) – Achtung, anderer Raum
(U2: Ernst Reuter Platz, M45 Marchstr, 245 Marchbrücke)

Zeit: 19:00

Language: English

Anmeldung zum Bier danach / Registration for food and beer after the talk:


“OpenStack is the No. 1 Open Source cloud software, and you’ve likely heard a lot
about it already. But how does OpenStack actually work? What parts is it made of
and how do they work together? Which challenges does OpenStack help admins to
tackle? And how can OpenStack make your life easier? In this session, Karen Reilly
and Martin Loschwitz from SysEleven will answer all these questions — and yours!”

“About Karen Reilly: Karen Reilly is a fundraising, policy, and technology management
professional with experience in technology education, government outreach, media
relations, and cross-cultural communication. She’s passionate about multi-disciplinary
efforts to come up with the best solutions to problems. She believes in creating safe
spaces for people of all backgrounds, in order to ensure that her organization has full
access to different perspectives and areas of expertise. As a result, she has raised
millions of dollars for nonprofit technology organisations.”

“About Martin Loschwitz: Geek, Debian Developer, Cloud architect, journalist: Martin
is a jack of many trades. He currently holds the position of a Teamlead for OpenStack
Development at SysEleven in Berlin. He has previously worked as a consultant on
OpenStack Cloud architecture, Software Defined Storage (SDS), Software Defined
Networking (SDN) and High Availability. In his free time, he writes articles for a number
of IT magazines on Cloud computing and related topics.”